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Engage PreK-12 families and the local community in 21st-century ways while making 4x money for school!

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What does Schoolze get your PTA?

Community Engagement
Engage with school parents and local communities like never before. Build mailing list using integrated lead box while using newsletter module to perform community outreach. Get actionable insights to make informed decisions.

External Website
Your PTA manage a website externally today but for large part it is static and accepting money is either a challenge or is expensive. Use Schoolze to revive your external website with no additional cost.


Modern Online Fundraising
Choose a campaign among Donation, item sale and print fundraisers and spice up your fundraising efforts while multiplying raised amount. Coming soon – Event Fundraising*

Family Engagement
Engage families with Schoolze classroom integrated PTA features. Parents get in-app notifications for PTA announcement and fundraisers which increases engagement and participation. Assist schools in increasing student outcomes by increased engagement.


Yearbook Designer & Integrated Print Solution
On uniquely organized collection of pictures, Schoolze provides a modern print designer which can build Yearbook and many other print products in a breeze. Start creating beautiful print products in house without the need to use many different platforms and use all of the to raise funds.

there is more…

Private Member Website External Community Website Document Management Instant Messaging Free IPhone App Calendar Volunteer Event Signupsand more…



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