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    Use 14 classroom productivity features to save 4-6 hours each week, while engaging parents in a way they like.
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    School PTA

    Supercharge Your PTA. Manage members, Engage Parents & local community, Increase school funds. Get your PTA on Schoolze.
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    Engage with your child’s class; Connect with other class parents; Use gamified reading and help your child become an avid reader!
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    K-12 School Leader

    Don’t just communicate with parents; engage them. Get real time actionable insights to enhance parental engagement and increase students outcomes.
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    Early Education Center

    Engage Parents while fundraising for your center. Build 1-on-1 relationships with parents. Build student portfolios, Manager pictures,  and create yearbooks.
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    Revive fundraising efforts for your school or education Institution. Launch donation, item sale, or print fundraising campaigns and multiply your fundraisers!
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