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Where hundreds of school parent groups, PTOs, PTAs build engaged parent communities, offer memberships, and launch highly converting online fundraisers.

What Are They Saying?

Tim Norman

We have been able to grow our fundraisers by 5x since adopting Schoolze for our schools. The best tool we have every used for our school!

Christina S

We were using emails to communicate within our board members before we started using Schoolze. Now we just use Schoolze mobile app and things are so much easier.

Colin T

Last year we raised $55K online from our parents and community using Schoolze. This was by far the largest we have done so far. Great took to increase the pot size.

All in One Place

Lead the value with an all-in-one solution that saves time for your staff & teachers and engages your parent community by combining all things needed under a single roof


Start fundraising with online campaigns for donations, item sales, and print. Spice up member and community engagement while fundraising.


Offer free and paid memberships to your school, PTA, or PTO parents and increase your audience. Granularly control who sees what information.


Build and circulate engaging newsletters to your parent community. Increase community engagement for your school or the group and spice up support.

Event Signups

Request volunteers and support for your events. Send reminder notifications to all participants. Free trial limits one active signup.

Online shop

Launch your own online store on the website. Add any products that you want to sell to your members or fundraise over your existing inventory.

Public Website

Free, personalized, branded site for your school and PTA parent group. Customizations and custom domain setup available for paid plans.

Fundraisers Made Simple: Customizable Campaigns for Busy Parents

Experience the ease of our pre-built, pre-optimized fundraising systems. Customize, launch, and watch the funds roll in - all without the headache of starting from scratch. Our customers raise tens of thousands of dollars for their schools each year.

Instantly Connect with Your School Community: Fast and Effective Online Communication

Announcements discover the power of Schoolze's lightning-fast communication features. Share updates, post vital announcements, and effortlessly engage with parents and members – all from one convenient platform.

Branded Website & Store for your School & Parent Group

Create free and personalized websites

Our website builder for schools is flexible and easy to use, allowing you to customize with only a few clicks. Set up and launch an online store for your school, PTA, or PTO within minutes.

Super easy to get started

In a matter of minutes, you’ll have access to everything you could ever need to engage, create, manage, and sell to your community —our stress-free responsive platform makes it super easy for you to get started.

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Use our app to access your parent group wherever you are